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SEO is still relevant in the era of AI

SEO is still relevant in the era of AI

Artificial Intelligence and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In this new era of Artificial Intelligence, I wanted to share with you my perspective on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO remains pertinent in the AI age, mainly because AI utilizes the links it discovers on the search results pages to fuel its activities.

What is SEO?

For a brief recap, the primary function of SEO is intent optimization. It strives to provide users with precisely what they're searching for- the perfect information tailored to their queries.

  • Try to give people exactly what they want.
  • Provide them with the optimal information they need.
  • Offer them an unparalleled user experience from both a technical perspective and an engagement standpoint.

Going Beyond Basics

However, implementing SEO goes far beyond basic practices. It's not just about making your website visible; it's more about doing it on a domain where you establish trust. Your user should be confident that your content comes from an authoritative source that knows what it's talking about.

SEO Means Engagement and Trust

In essence, SEO can be encapsulated in two words: engagement and trust. Creating meaningful connections with your users and earning their trust is the true essence of effective SEO. The success of your SEO campaign relies heavily on how well you can yarn these two components together. Remember, a well-optimized content that offers no value to the user will not perform well in the long run.


As we move into the era of artificial intelligence, SEO continues to be crucial. It is the foundation that allows AIs to consume, digest, and utilize the internet's vast wealth of information to produce meaningful search results. SEO's role in providing engagement, trust, and relevance remains as vital as ever.

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