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Marketing Trends and Why AI is Helpful

Marketing Trends and Why AI is Helpful

The Future of Marketing

I think we all agree that the future of marketing is likely to involve a continued shift towards digital channels. The power of Artificial intelligence and machine learning will play even a bigger role in automating and personalising marketing efforts, while virtual and augmented reality will open up new opportunities for immersive brand experiences.

  • Artificial Intelligence in Marketing
  • On a personal level, AI helps me to craft my ideas around Facebook or Google headlines, or rewriting my content in multiple languages etc., which increases my productivity.

  • Influencers and User-Generated Content
  • The use of influencers and user-generated content will continue to grow in importance, as consumers place more trust in recommendations from their peers than in traditional advertising.

  • Voice Search and Voice Assistants
  • I am curious to follow another trend which is the integration of voice search and voice assistants. This will change the way companies create their content and optimise it for voice search.

  • Privacy and Data Security
  • In addition, with the growing concern for privacy and data security, companies will need to be transparent and responsible with the data they collect and use for marketing purposes.

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