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Just add a prompt in a "AI" tag in a Google Sheet cell and it's done!

How AI works

Welcome to the New Era of Page Creation with Indexa for Content

No need for elaborate web development or SEO skills anymore. Simplex introduces a revolutionary tool that synthesizes the prowess of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the simplicity of Google Sheets.

What's 'Indexa for Content' All About?

Imagine being able to convert a simple Google Sheet into an engaging and SEO-optimized webpage. Yes, Indexa for Content does precisely that but with a smarter touch of AI. By adding a simple "AI" tag, you trigger an intelligent assistant to generate content dynamically, yet maintaining its editable nature. Neat, isn’t it?

  • A Sneak Peek into How It Works

  • Let's illustrate this with a fun example. Assume you're building a webpage about the 'Benefits of Yoga'. All you need is to setup your Google Sheet with the required headers and data, and don’t forget to add the AI tag:

  • 'Benefits of Yoga', 'Improves flexibility', 'Boosts mental wellness', 'Enhances respiratory function'...
  • Voila! With Indexa for Content, your Google Sheet has now transformed into an inviting, dynamic and editable webpage, ready to engage your audience and boost your SEO rankings.

Ready to Create and Conquer?

Embrace the cutting-edge advantage of AI and the user-friendly prowess of Google Sheets with Simplex's Indexa for Content. Get ready not just to create pages but leave an imprint in the world of digital content. So, put on your creative hats and let Indexa do the magic!

Disruption we do...

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